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Bachelor, Masters, and PhD Topics

Prof. Dr. M. Schumacher

Experimental Particle Physics, Westbau, 2nd Floor


Our research group is extensively involved in the ATLAS experiment at the European Organisation for Particle Physics (CERN).  ATLAS records properties of proton-proton collisions at energies of 7 TeV, produced at the LHC, which is the world's largest and highest energy particle accelerator.  The answer to some fundamental questions of particle physics may be answered by studying these collisions, related to the origin of mass, the existence of Higgs bosons, new forms of matter, and the number of extra space dimensions of the universe. 


With data recorded from the ATLAS detector, the research activity of our group has focused upon:

  • Searches for Higgs bosons in Standard Model and supersymmetric models
  • Measurements of the Z-boson production cross-section


In addition, our group also manages the GRID Computing Cluster which is an ATLAS Tier2 Site for the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG).


Detailed Information for Possible Research Topics

In order to maximise the discovery sensitivity for new physics processes (Higgs, SUSY) at the LHC, detector signatures need to be well understood.  In particular, the understanding of Standard Model processes is crucial to understand backgrounds to searches for new physical phenomena.

Ph.D. and Masters candidates will be able to contribute to the group's research objectives, working closely with postdoctoral fellows and other students on common strategic topics, while developing their independent research ideas.


Current Research Topics include:

  • Search for Standard Model or supersymmetric neutral Higgs bosons decaying to tau lepton pairs
  • Search for charged Higgs bosons in supersymmetric models


which can involve:

  • optimising statistical tools to maximise the sensitivity for Higgs searches
  • development and optimisation of mass reconstruction algorithms for Higgs searches
  • optimisation of lepton isolation criteria in the ATLAS experiment
  • investigating trigger strategies for neutral and charged Higgs boson signatures
  • performance studies for the identification of tau leptons
  • performance studies for the identification of b-quark jets


If you have further questions or would like to discuss research possibilities in more detail, please contact:

Prof. Markus Schumacher (markus.schumacher@uni-freiburg.de, +49 761 203 7612)

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