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Particle Physics at the LHC (Term Paper)


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Seminar times: Tuesdays 10:30-11:30
Links to Student Presentations & Reports

Student Name Topic  Presentation Report
 Fabian Schnell  LHC and Detectors  link  link
 Ralf Gugel  Determination of Electroweak Parameters  link  link
 Alena Lösle  Tests of QCD with the ATLAS experiment  link  link
 Gernot Knippen Triple and Quartic Gauge Couplings   link  link
 Thorben Swirski  SUSY Phenomenology and Inclusive Searches  link  link
 Simeon Schrott  Searches for 3rd Generation SUSY Partners  link  link
 Steffen Landgraf  Evidence for the Decay of the SM Higgs Boson to Fermions  link  link
 Michael Schubert  The Higgs Particle: Mass, Width, and Couplings  link  link
 Katharina Schleicher  The Higgs Boson: Spin and CP  link  link

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